Trapezoid puddles

Divide the grey shapes along the lines into distinct 4-cell pieces. Pieces matching after rotation and/or reflection are considered the same. The list of pieces is provided below. Difficulty: Easy


I've been of the opinion that in genres where clues and givens differ, constructors are tempted to avoid the latter. I understand how the restriction, much like symmetries, allow the setter to enjoy himself and play with the rules, and then share a beautiful by-product of his fun with others. But it has been my  experience that, in making this an expectation for handmade puzzles, both authors and solvers often suffer: ideas are compromised, brute force and bifurcation enters the picture, and completing the grid becomes unfun and laborious.

I further claim that one of the genres that suffers the most from this is Skyscrapers, where often eliminating one problematic possibility inserts multiple new clues, which then undermine the existing logic chain. This is all a very long-winded to say that I don't care for my street cred enough not to post a neat, easy Skyscrapers puzzle. I do find it telling of the attitude that the otherwise excellent pzv doesn't even consider allowing me to offer solvers a given. Thus, if you use the solver linked through the image, you're going to have to carry the 1.

Skyscraper rules

Place one number between one and the side length of the grid in each empty cell. Numbers in the same row, or the same column, should differ. Clues outside the grid indicate how many cell numbers are larger than any preceding cell number.
Alternative, equivalent rule description.

Remember to carry the given 1 through to the automated solver offered by clicking the image.

Hexamond Puddles

Partition the grids into the 12 free hexamonds. Use each shape once, rotations and reflections are allowed. Rather hard.

Sheep Crate


An Easy as ABC puzzle with a (hopefully) tight, easy path.

Easy as ABC 2   Range: ABCD

Easy as it should

This is an Easy as ABC puzzle.

Fill some cells with letters from the given alphabet range. Every letter of the range appears exactly once in every row and column. Clues outside the grid indicate the closest letter of that row or column.

This puzzle has just one involved deduction, so let's rate it easy.

Easy as ABC 1 Range:ABCD

Loop Special

Rules   Draw some loops, each visiting all instances of exactly one clue. Between them, the loops visit all cells of the grid. Some cells have already been fully drawn for you. Loops may cross over themselves and each other, but only when the cell contains neither turns nor a clue and the overlap has no length. Loops are only made out of horizontal and vertical line segments which go through the centres of every containing cell.

Loop Special

Rattling Diamond

An easy, pretty puzzle in The Witness dialect.

Click to solve online

Snail, crawling

Partition the grids into the 12 free pentominos.

This ends the championship celebration.

Crack On?

Greek Skeleton    Fill in the grids with all the words of the list below them, reading left to right or top to bottom, one letter per cell. A5 PDF

Wide prison

Sums, simplified Fill in the grid with numbers from the given range. Sums of rows and columns are given at bottom and right. Then circle some of the numbers. Sums of the circled numbers are given at top and left.
Range 1 ~ 17, but no 5,9,10,13