Unlucky Nuribou

Nuribous aren't all that common. Rarity of a puzzle type trips up difficulty rating. What the constructor considers a trite pattern is more often a journey of discovery for the solver. My first instinct was to rate this as barely a medium. On reflection, hard will best set the expectations of a novice solver. No, not rules post-level hard, but still...
Nuribou 6 "Unlucky"

Easy pipelink

Rules. NB no cell is partially clued.
Pipelink 1

Stardust [Toroidal]

In addition to the usual rules, the grid is toroidal. That is to say, the top and bottom edges of the grid are connected the way they would if you bent the grid into a cylinder. So are the left and right edges. Or, for the fans of video games, think Pacman.
Stardust 3 [Toroidal]


...of a reasonable size this time. (rules)
Stardust 2