Troll not

Regular readers of this blog, should such persons exist, may be excused for thinking the blog has turned into a convoluted trolling exercise, given the last couple of puzzles, which were unfairly, miserably hard. Hopefully, the masyu below starts to make up for those. It is of medium difficulty.
Masyu 9 "Make up"

Descriptive Pairs Tile Sudoku

For once, the title is, well, descriptive. Every cell in the grid below contains a number between 1 to 9, inclusive. All numbers in the same row, or column, or bold outlined box are different. There are 16 rows, 16 columns and 9 boxes. Clues outside the grid take the form of a pair of numbers. For numbers i,j this means at least one of:
  • the ith cell contains value j or
  • the jth cell contains value i.
I discovered Tile Sudoku, and this particular layout, on Grandmaster Puzzles. I first spotted the descriptive pairs variation on Prasanna Seshadri's blog.
Desciptive Pairs Tile Sudoku

Taking the piss

...out of people who woke up one fine morning to find out their company has been dissolved with absolutely no warning is now, apparently, a hobby of mine. screenshot

Turkey troubles

Yesterday, Serkan Yurekli posted a concise description of demonstrations and the harsh crackdown unfolding in Turkey. This is a courageous act, given the continuing arrests of protest information disseminators, and the horrors which threaten detained dissenters. Consider this post an expression of solidarity, and a call for police brutality to cease.

You can get a detailed picture of events and their direct drivers all over the web. I suggest Gawker (of all places) for a conversational overview, and this well-linked Ryan McCarthy piece as an introduction to current discussion.  Acemoglu has a few big-picture pieces on Turkey written prior to the events which seem to be on point. Finally, this video covers the government perspective of events.

Hateful Heyawake

This Heyawake hates you pretty thoroughly. You have been warned.
Heyawake 2 'Hateful'