It's been a while. Cut the shape along the lines into eight different pieces of equal area. Pieces which can be rotated and/or mirrored to match are not considered different.
8-piece jigsaw

Decidedly Average Haido

EDIT: puzzle is broken
What can I say? I got inspired, though I don't think the type has much to offer. Rules.
Haido the Oneth

Introductory Reflect Link

Introductory in the sense that it's very easy, not in the sense that it's this blog's first puzzle of the kind. What fun would doing things in order be?

Draw a single loop through some cells of the grid. All places where the loop crosses over itself are given, and the loop goes straight at all such intersections. Some loop corners are marked. On some of these marks the number of cells occupied by the corner is given.

An introductory Reflect Link

Yes, that's another pattern breaking kludge.