Sun & Moon

Draw a loop visiting all cells exactly once, by joining adjacent cell centres with horizontal and vertical line segments. No corner is formed between two consecutive identical markings. Exactly one corner is formed between consecutive different markings. Turns on the markings themselves are ignored by the previous two rules.

Easy Tatamibari

Rules. ? is a tatami whose dimensions aren't described.

Word Toy

4 toy cubes have one letter written on each side. The Greek words below can be formed using the 4 cubes. Partition the alphabet into cubes.


Test solve data suggested I underestimated solve time by a factor of 3. Consequently, I'd like to know the Internet's experience.

Expired Rings

I have a stock of puzzles intended for a contest that didn't happen. This one is the most obviously dated:

Write all digits from 0 to 9 on every ring. Any given clue is the result of addition, subtraction, multiplication, or exact division between the numbers to the immediate left and immediate right of the cell the clue is close to.

This was the final puzzle of the test, since I like tests to end on a high note for puzzlers rather than authors, and easier puzzles make hitting that note easier. This was also the last to be written, since I realised I was rather light on arithmetic content. Thanks to fantom for pointing out a typo in the original version.

Medium+ Masyu


Greek Sudoku and Puzzle Championship writeup

This post ended up as a wall of text, so look under the fold at your own peril.

TL;DR version

I did much better at sudoku and much worse at puzzles than I anticipated. Puzzles were of modest difficulty but rather neat. Test format leaves a lot of room for improvement, including typesetting, problem type selection, and examination format. Still, fun overall.

Just about medium Nurikabe

Rules. One of these days I'll actually have a pattern survive uniqueness.

Easy Heyawake

Rules - for this problem, the no three rooms rule degenerates into "white stretch may not contain two boundaries", as per link. Also, the pzv environment solution checker may not work properly, due to the non-orthogonal rooms.

Auspicious Nurikabe

Rules - medium