Partition the grid into the given pieces. Rotations and reflections are allowed.

Monday Shopping

... with an easy Bag puzzle.
Bag 2


I tend to go nuts when writing Hitori. This one is probably more accessible than the usual fare, though that isn't saying much.
Hitori 5

A small cryptographic fence

Draw a single closed line (the loop) on the yellow paths. The loop does not cross, overlap, or touch itself (no giggling back there) at a point. Letter clues exist inside the cells. Cells with the same letter have the same number of sides used by the loop. Cells with different letters have a different number of sides used by the loop. Yes, that number may be zero as well. Have, um, fun?

Easy Suraromu

And as usual, very susceptible to uniqueness. I almost chickened out of putting this one out. The design is so simple that it isn't entirely unlikely somebody else already wrote the exact same puzzle. Rules.

Suraromu 2


This started out as an experiment in developing large scale constraints for that apparently hopelessly local problem, Norinori (rules). I'm not quite there yet, but I'm working on it. I'd like to hear how much exploration each solver found necessary.
Norinori 2

A bigger Magic Order

One of these days I'll write one that is both pretty and pleasant I promise. (Rules)
Magic Order 2

Another Connecting Wall

of mine is right here. I wish I could go back and edit one thing, but oh well. What one needs to do is partition the cards into four stacks of four, then figure what the items of each stack have in common.

Got a minute?

This masyu is not likely to take more time than that.