What day is it again?

Rules. Another new type for the blog. Often called Corral, but I'll go on and refer to the type by the alternative name of Bag. Again, uniqueness shortcuts exist, but the puzzle isn't nearly complex enough to tempt anyone.

Yet another fence

I got it out of my system now, I promise. I rather like the way the top left corner works btw - I should make a one trick pony about that eventually. This one is of medium difficulty.

A moderate fence

So long as I'm thinking them up, I may as well post. And yes, another one whose pattern got derailed along the way.

Another easy Fences

A friend is writing an introductory leaflet for this type of puzzle (rules), so this me thinking of what sort of puzzles would belong on that. Not terribly exciting stuff, but oh well - at least this one is pretty enough.

Easy Slitherlink

(Rules.) I realised I hadn't ever posted a regular fences puzzle, so I'm fixing this oversight.