A Wheat & Chaff foursome

Wheat and Chaff is one of the many intriguing original types of Inaba Naoki. I came across the English name and rules in Naoki's pages on Otto Janko's site. These puzzles are much easier, and less elegant than, the aforelinked puzzles. So hopefully, I'll make it up through quantity.

 If the title sounds somewhat familiar, that's intentional. I suspect the URL of that page (which is different to the title) explains why that is the most visited post on this blog by a factor of seven. So I'm just making sure that foursome isn't the actual SEO honey. If I'm right, then I probably should publish puzzles in groups of three, and grow a bigger, if somewhat frustrated, readership.


Anonymous said...

"Gyokusekikonko" is simply the Romaji translitaration of the japanese puzzle name (玉石混交プレース). I chose this as unique identifier in the URL. In the title if the page I try to use a translation to German/English which is not always easy.