Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision = Wild Labyrinth + Corral Clues = Build A Maze + regular expressions + Corral Clues.

The longer version of the rules goes something like this. Find an open, 1-cell wide path of edge adjacent cells which visits all cells exactly once. This path is entirely forced by drawing walls on grid lines. A clue inside the grid indicates the number of orthogonally visible cells, including the cell itself. Visibility is obstructed by walls. Clues on the outside indicate the length of walls along the grid line in order of appearance. Consecutively clued wall segments may not overlap, nor share corners. A single wall length may be replaced by ?. Any number of clues, including none, may be replaced by *. An unclued line is equivalent to *. A line with no wall segments may be clued as 0.

To the best of my knowledge, Riad Khanmagomedov invented this puzzle type, and Grant Fikes added the regular expressions. The idea of inserting Corral-style clues inside comes from a previous post.