A bigger Magic Order

One of these days I'll write one that is both pretty and pleasant I promise. (Rules)
Magic Order 2


Anonymous said...

Your 5s and 6s in rows 1,2,4, and 6 can be interchanged. Need an additional clue to limit these.

Δόλιχος said...

While there is a puzzle on this blog with a known and unfixed bug, this one isn't it.

Assuming a correct solution with just the digits you mention missing, putting them in the wrong way around creates a number whose order would need to be 13 1/2.

If you concatenate the solution digits in English reading order, you get a number whose largest factor is 132593959552340027465705447. This information should help you check if your other work is OK, which I suspect it is. Hope you're otherwise enjoying the blog.

TheSubro said...

I see!
Much thanks.
Sorry for error.
I made two this weekend on puzzle blogs. I should stay quiet until I get my head on straighter.