Troll not

Regular readers of this blog, should such persons exist, may be excused for thinking the blog has turned into a convoluted trolling exercise, given the last couple of puzzles, which were unfairly, miserably hard. Hopefully, the masyu below starts to make up for those. It is of medium difficulty.
Masyu 9 "Make up"


Prasanna said...

This was put together very nicely. From the inner opening, to the deduction around the sides, after which it flowed quickly. Since I was solving it pretty casually, I'm not sure my time's that good, but I took about 12 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Took 14 minutes to solve. I have to admit on solving this puzzle with some intuition.
Excellent puzzle, the middle opening is really good.


Joshua Zucker said...

I agree that starting in the middle makes this unusual and fun! It's also a very visually appealing puzzle.