A Tall Fence

My original intent was to write an easy puzzle. It is anything but. Please share your solve experience. (Rules of Fences)
Tall fences


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Wow. That was probably the toughest 10x10 Slitherlink I have ever done.

rob said...

It's too hard for me, but that's no surprise.

Roughly, my solve went like this (after a bit of experimentation): Notice that the top right clue group must connect (just one loop component). This implies a bit about the top middle clue group and allows a uniqueness deduction based on the top middle 2. This determines the top middle group. Then start shading, one of the central 3s is outside the loop, with roughly two directions to reach the edge. Choose one direction, and with luck this lets me resolve the puzzle.

Is there a cleaner way through?

Δόλιχος said...

Apologies for the delayed response - technical difficulties prevailed. There is another helpful method, but I hesitate to call it cleaner. Basically, you can treat the diagonal 3s as single points, and treat the whole problem as a Simple Loop of much reduced dimensions. Once you have a good idea of the rough loop shape, finer details snap into place easier.

rob said...

Definitely cleaner, this allows me to prove it unique. Took quite a bit of effort to visualize this, but in the end it's a really beautiful solve. Thanks!