Edderiofer said...

This is the first puzzle of yours in a long while that I've been able to solve.

Δόλιχος said...


I doodle puzzle parts to help improve my solving. Sometimes, the doodles end up vaguely rectangular and unique-ish looking, so they get finished into "puzzles" and recorded here. As you may imagine, the process favours hard, often stupidly hard outcomes. It also doesn't particularly favour fun.

This year, I'm trying to shift focus to the actual solving experience, so, if I can get some constructing time in, I'll try to figure out how to control pacing and flow in various puzzles.

With all that said, I'm surprised the immediately prior Masyu gave you this much implied trouble. It goes roughly like: known patterns everywhere -> careful note-taking with crosses -> the Jordan rule rules!

Feel free to request hints or walkthroughs in the comments for recent puzzles if you get stuck.