Ring Ring

Rules: Draw a number of rectangles by joining the centres of cells with horizontal and vertical line segments. All white cells must be written in; all black cells should remain empty. Rectangles may intersect each other on single, non-corner points, but may not otherwise overlap. Restatement.

An actual easy intro for once.



rob said...

Fun! Do you know of any blogs that have more of these?

Δόλιχος said...

I think I had first encountered them at http://indi.s58.xrea.com/ , which holds a few examples of Nikoli rarities. I cannot find them now, so I may be misremembering, or they may not have survived the Java to JavaScript transition.

They do rarely appear on some of the Japanese blogs in the sidebar though; there is a small bunch at http://kumorizora62.blog.fc2.com/blog-category-15.html for instance.